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Come dance with us... here's why!

We offer a variety of classes for all ages at Yarmouth Dance Academy.  Classes can range from once a week to five times a week with our Senior Intensive Program. New this year we are excited offer Tap classes!  

Whether you dance recreationally or wish to continue to study dance after high school, Yarmouth Dance Academy is the school for you.  Our instructors are educators who have also studied their dance styles at post-secondary institutions with professional standards and continue to do so on a yearly basis.  This keeps us on the forefront of dance education, enabling us to bring fresh, new and up-to-date material to the school, while maintaining ballet traditions.  Dancers training at Yarmouth Dance Academy are therefore instructed by these techniques which will keep our dancers strong, healthy and help prevent short and long term injuries.  

2017 Fall Classes at YDA

Creative Movement (CM) (Born in 2014)                    1 class/week

Beginner dance classes are designed to teach young children ages 3 - 4 the basics in dance through games, music, and creative exploration. 

Instructor: N. Sweeney

Inspiring Movement (IM) (Born in 2013) 1 class/week

Dancers will explore the basics in dance through games, music, and creative exploration. Technical basics and foundations will be introduced with focus on musicality and spacial awareness. The Inspiring Movement class does not perform in the Nutcracker but will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital. Opportunities for performing are available outside of class. Classes are once a week.

Instructors: N. Sweeney

Inspiring Ballet (Pre-Ballet) (IB) (Born in 2012) 1 class/week

An introductory class to ballet. This class is designed to teach dancers the basics in ballet. Classes are structured as a standard ballet class, consisting of stretch, barre, centre, adagio and allegros. The Ballet Technique class does not perform in the Nutcracker but will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital. Opportunities for performing are available outside of class. Classes are once a week.

Instructor: N. Sweeney

Ballet Technique          1 class/week

These are once a week ballet classes for dancers new to ballet, looking to add additional dance styles to your resume, or part of a healthy lifestyle. This class will follow classical Russian technique and class structure. The Ballet Technique class does not perform in the Nutcracker.

Instructor: N. Sweeney

Performing Ballet Program

Performing Ballet 1 (PB1) - dancers born in 2011                             2 classes/week

Performing Ballet 2 (PB2) - dancers born in 2009/2010                    2 classes/week

Performing Ballet 3 (PB3) - dancers born in 2007/2008                    2 classes/week

                     optional Pre-Pointe class dancers 2008                       1 class/week

Performing Ballet 4 (PB4) - dancers born in 2005/2006                    2 classes/week

                    optional Pointe class                                                      1 class/week

Performing Ballet 5 (PB5) - dancers born in 2004 and older              3 classes/week


Dancers enrolled in the Full Ballet Program will have ballet classes at least twice a week. This program is designed to properly train a dancer for the demands of Classical Ballet guided by the Vaganova syllabus. When deemed appropriate by instructors dancers will begin pre-pointe training , working towards full pointe shoes (Pointe/Pre-Pointe Technique class). Dancers enrolled in the program will study, learn and perform classical variations, with the opportunity to earn a solo classical variation when graduating. Dancers in the Performing Ballet Program will have class repertoire for each of YDA’s Nutcracker and Annual Spring Recital. Attendance and commitment are taken seriously.

Instructor: N. Sweeney & E. privileges

Contemporary                        1 class/week

Contemporary dance class will focus on the fundamentals to this style, which pulls from a variety of styles of dance. Dancers will learn to express themselves through movement that is both technical and physical. Classes are once a week. Contemporary does not participate in the Nutcracker, but will take part in YDA’s annual Spring Recital. 

Instructor: M. Hanf

Tap                                          1 class/week

New to Yarmouth Dance Academy, classes will be offered for tap! If interested in enrolling in this class please do so online or in person at our in studio registration. Classes will then be arranged to accommodate registered dancers.

Instructor: J. Aucoin-LeBlanc

Intensive Program

Junior Intensive Program 

Senior Intensive Program - Dancers born 204 and older

The Intensive Program is designed with the serious dance student in mind. Students who are thinking of dance after high school are strongly recommended to participate in this program. The Intensive Program provides dancers with the opportunity to more dance classes, extra performances and much more.

To register for the Intensive Program, dancers will be enrolled in the Performing Ballet Program and all age appropriate classes offered at Yarmouth Dance Academy. Dancer’s in the Junior or Senior Intensive Program are able to attend additional ballet classes with instructors permission for technique and conditioning.

Participants in the Junior and Senior Intensive Program are expected to attend all regular classes.  Attendance in these programs is taken seriously and will follow a 3 strike rule; 3 or more classes missed may result in dancer being asked to reconsider the Intensive Program, or loss of privileges.

Intensive Program Contract:

- Dancers are expected to work at 110%

- Positive attitudes

- Attendance is mandatory for all classes and rehearsals.

- Dancers are to arrive on time for class

- They must be in proper attire (uniform and hair are done according to class)

- Show respect to classmates, peers, instructors, and studio

- All IP dancers are expected to make every IP Repertoire class/rehearsal when required.

- There will also be opportunities for community performances/events, travel for auditions, master classes and viewing professional dance company performances.

- Priority for casting in shows/recitals.

- Opportunity to become YDA teaching assistant.

- Act as positive role models and ambassadors for their art, program and YDA.  

- Commitment.  Commitment or conflict with programs outside of YDA may be cause for reconsideration of enrolment and participation with no refund.