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inspiring movement

Tuesday April 9, 2019 - 

We are open!  Classes will run as usual.

Inspiring Movement, professionally.

Yarmouth Dance Academy has provided the community with high standards of dance for nearly 40 years and continues to be the only school in Yarmouth County with qualified instructors in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap. Our qualification goes far beyond self proclamation or any online course, it is years of serious education and study of an always challenging art.

We are the only school with the ability to properly prepare and train dancers for pointe work with Classical Russian technique following the Vaganova method. Without these important elements you are putting your dancer at risk for injury.

We are professionals with great respect for our art. We do not teach to memorize alone, we teach to understand. We do not do competitions, we embrace self determination, internal challenges and successes, focus, dedication, accountability, etiquette, confidence, joy of performance and respect through the fine art of dance, elements of a true dance artist.

Our studio is more then a space to move around in, it is a space where young artists are encouraged to explore and grow. Our studio is the perfect place for any dance hobbyist, enthusiast and pre-professional.